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About Helminth.net:

Helminth.net is a collection of worm-related databases & analysis tools. Currently the sites Nematode.net and Trematode.net fall under the Helminth.net umbrella. Select a member site from the menu above, or click one of the Helminth.net site buttons in the upper right corner of every page to navigate between sites.


To cite any of the Helminth.net websites please use:

Martin J, Rosa BA, Ozersky P, Hallsworth-Pepin K, Zhang X, Bhonagiri-Palsikar V, Tyagi R, Wang Q, Choi Y, Gao X, McNulty S, Brindley PJ and Mitreva M (2014) Helminth.net: expansions to Nematode.net and an introduction to Trematode.net Nucleic Acids Research first published online November 12, 2014 doi: 10.1093/nar/gku1128

Please note that our lab is a sequencing and analysis facility; we are not clinicians, and as such we are not qualified to provide medical advice trematode related afflictions. If you are in need of such assistance, please instead contact a qualified physician, preferably one with a specialty in parasitic diseases.

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